About Us

Our Mission

Supply integrated cold chain solutions for perishable cargo nationwide

Our Vision

Supply integrated cold chain solutions for perishable cargo nationwide

Our Values


We are dedicated to providing quality training in logistics


We work towards a community of strength and bonding


We strive for excellence in actions and works through continuous learning


We seek to uphold high standards of professional ethics in education and institutional governance

Quality Policy

This involves our full commitment to maintaining and continually improving on our Quality Management System that objectively reflects how we organize and manage the Academy with its programmes to better meet the professional development needs of the supply chain and logistics industry

Cold Chain Academy offers training courses and workshops with an operational focus on achieving Temperature Sensitive Supply Chain Management and Good Distribution Practices compliance for the Agricultural, Pharmaceutical, Chemical,  and life science industries.

Our Story

Kennie-O Cold Chain Logistics (KCCL) is an indigenous company that specializes in preserving the natural nutrients of fruits, vegetables and animal products in Nigeria by providing excellent end-to-end cold chain and logistics services for the fresh foods sector

The Problem

KCCL was established as a response to a major business challenge we encountered in 2013. Prior to this, we ran a broiler production and processing business that supplied over 5 tons of frozen chicken per batch to major Nigerian chain stores. However, we experienced poor cold chain and logistics services from our service providers at our peak profit period and encountered a major loss that led to the business going bankrupt. Consequently, we learnt from the experience, leveraged insights from market surveys and commenced

The Goal

In Nigeria, over 45% of our fruits and vegetables production valued at $9Bn are wasted annually. (Source FAO/FIIRO 2013). This is a leading cause of hunger, malnutrition and under nutrition in Nigeria with an estimated market population of over 198 million people. Our goal at KCCL is to service 5% of this market in the next 5 years.